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    Default Re: no thank you vey much

    great post Paul - thank you

    as it happens we don't have a camera/mic in our TV either - and apart from the desktop which has a good old fashioned plugin mic for audio, all the computers have them dissabled or taped

    we all make our choices, but it is the data harvesting that is the real issue, plus the potential for hacking; hopefully we all make sensible choices for our own circumstances, and keep informed and up to date

    I'm now off to find my way around an unfamiliar route [on foot] using google maps.....
    carpe diem
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    Default Re: no thank you vey much

    It's actually quite outrageous how the big corporations track us while keeping a friendly face.

    Sadly some governments lead the way with this stuff and way, way more.

    Ring has had a number of publicised security breaches where hackers have taken control of their Ring devices. These hackers have taken passwords used by people to access another website ( where the hacker has obtained their email address and password ) and used that information to login to their Ring account and activate their Cameras - not Rings fault, but the fault of users using the same email address and password combination across multiple websites.

    Two-way authentication anyone? (I know it can be spoofed)

    The situation is particularly bad with all the other IOT devices, particularly for lesser-known manufacturers who may be streaming data to servers in China.

    Oh and the early days of Apple - phone phreaking.. ..naughty.

    Quote Originally Posted by handrawn View Post
    I'm now off to find my way around an unfamiliar route [on foot] using google maps.....
    A Google employee is making a note of your route right now..

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    Default Re: no thank you vey much

    I have read several articles about it and so as watch some vlogs on Youtube.




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