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    Default Another album cover, graffiti stylee

    Continuing with work for kniteforce, I recently completed graphics for an upcoming record.

    They asked to go all in with the graffiti style. For the 'theme', they were very abstract in title and further more, the 'obvious' 'paint by numbers' paradigm wouldn't work when using duo tone pantone printing (the pink is to be bright neon pink!), and so you can do something obvious like make a piano graphic that's like a paint by numbers that's partially filled in or something like that. Considering it's mostly 'happy' hardcore, I decided to take the numbers part and create a mix between graffiti feel and something a little more 'minimal', although it took a very long time to arrange these numbers! lol I'm not especially happy without how this turned out, but it was still a lot of fun going through the process on it.

    And for those wondering, it's Luna-C & Lowercase, "Music By Numbers & Progressions Double EP".

    Again, most people who will see this and want to buy it will already be familiar with the music and artists involved, so I'm allowed to go a little more abstract in such cases since this will not be on a record rack or anything where someone has to decipher all of this, since record stores are all but dead.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Another album cover, graffiti stylee

    Certainly stands out hseiken, although my eyes have trouble reading this style font.

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    Default Re: Another album cover, graffiti stylee

    I can see the smiling face but I had a hard time trying to figure out the words.




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