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    Default Disappearing Graphics

    I'm making this for the wife's birthday.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	BB1.png 
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    I do a Marquee sweep then group it and save it, but when I save it I get this.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	BB2.png 
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    I think I must have messed with setting by accident because it's been working perfect.

    All answers right, wrong or otherwise appreciated.


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    Default Re: Disappearing Graphics

    First thought is the layers. Is everything on the Layer 1 or MouseOff layer.

    And how are you exporting or saving?
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    Default Re: Disappearing Graphics

    It says one group on layer MouseOff:

    Also I'm exporting it as a PNG.


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    Default Re: Disappearing Graphics

    Bob, if you have managed the graphic into TG in your first image, you already have it.
    It doesn't need to be Grouped only selected.
    Next point is you don't save a PNG, you Export it.

    For the created Group, are its Objects, box, text area & photo?
    When you Export are you actually selecting the Group (as demonstrated in the Page & Layer gallery?
    When you Export, are you hitting the Settings button and checking the size, resolution and colour depth?

    No right or wrong answers only right questions.

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    Default Re: Disappearing Graphics

    My error on wording I "exported" it.
    The graphic you see with my wife in it is a Screen shot.
    I will check on the "settings" and compare them.


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    Default Re: Disappearing Graphics

    OK after messing around I find that if I save it as a JPG file it's OK it's when I'm saving it as a PNG is when it pulls a disappearing act.

    Ideas Gentleman?


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    Default Re: Disappearing Graphics

    Possibly attach your xar or web file Bob.

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