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    Default The menu remains at the top

    Hello i got little problem How to make two bars at the top and when I go down the menu stays at the top
    Just like on this page -=> https://xaratemplates.com/demo/web-t...late/index.htm
    And this photo remains in the background when the page goes down.
    Thanks for any example.

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    Default Re: The menu remains at the top

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    Right click on the menu/nav bar (or any object you want to remain in the same place) and select Web Sticky/Stretchy. Select either Sticky or Stick to Top then click Apply.

    Sticky can be anywhere on the page or off the page. Stick to Top stops when the object reaches the top of the browser.

    The photo effect is Web Animation > Scroll Animation > Parallax and is a bit more difficult. In the Web Animation menu, click Help and then select Reveal and Scroll Animations.
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    Default Re: The menu remains at the top

    Or buy the xt113 Template for $15.
    The XTF01/02/83 Templates are free and are almost what you you need.

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    Default Re: The menu remains at the top

    Ok i make Stick to Top the strap is underneath and not the first, why ? i example in photos
    Click image for larger version. 

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    there were no questions already done, I added one more belt but on top and this time I did not stretch him and work perfect
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