Retired now, I do tourism development for the City of Tombstone, Arizona... and also fundraising for my church.
Found an absolutely excellent mass email program called ActiveCampaign... easy to use compared to Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or GetResponse. And best at getting the message to Inbox instead of Junk or Spam. Perfect display on Apple or Android smartphones, where 85% of my folks are getting their info these days. I like mass email -- gets you out of the Facebook swamp, back to having control over the message with lots of ways for customer interaction.
A big change -- everything you've learned about design, about typography... well, almost everything... forget it. You have a limited selection of fonts to use. Want something different? Include it as a JPG. Thing is, your customers don't care about design or a perfect font selection. It is all about a short, strong headline... like FREE BEER! with related square or landscape-aspect graphics, some more text, an offer, etc. Simple scores big here. People don't read much anymore -- keep text blocks short, write at a 10-year-old comprehension level.
Psychologically, it's an interesting shift from worrying about design & layout -- to being able to concentrate on only the selling message, as it's impossible to do much by way of design.
Historically, well. Some say that each iteration of a technology cheapens the output while lowering the cost of production. Who knows. Financially -- I was taught years ago that the only thing that mattered in an ad was getting customers to the client's door. And ActiveCampaign really delivers on that. Recommended.