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    Default Creating a login page

    How do I create a Login page so people can sign into my site with a username and password? Sorry, I'm just a mailman trying to build my first website and know nothing about anything.
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    Default Re: Greating a login page

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    Unfortunately, this is a big ask.
    To have individual user logins with different passwords is something Xara doesn't do as all this requires a password login utility that is on a server.
    Xara produces static HTML Pages.

    It is possible to use Xara Hosting where any given page can have a password associated with it. This is not for a given individual.
    If you do not use Xara Hosting, then it is possible to set up web pages through your service provider that are password-locked. Again, not for individuals.

    Have a look at https://www.tutorialrepublic.com/php...gin-system.php. I would also include a Captcha mechanism to stop spamming.
    It could be simplified if only you issued usernames and passwords, but not by much.
    You then have to ensure all accesses to your web pages were correctly handled through this service.

    WordPress is better set up for handling levels of access, usernames and their passwords.

    Why do you need logins?
    If we understand your needs better, we might have alternative approaches.

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    Default Re: Greating a login page

    One of my company's web sites has a login for it. The site was hosted on a Windows server so we set the login through Windows like you would do for different users on a computer. When the person goes to the website the server asks for the login and then lets the page load.

    We have since moved over to a Unix server and they were able to set up the server the same way.

    So you may want to look at your hosting control panel and see if that will let you enable a login for the site. I did not do this portion for our site but that was how it was explained to me by the host service.





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