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    Default resetting default programs

    Hi I just recently upgraded from designer pro x11 to x16. So I have all these hundreds of files that still automatically open to Pro 11. I still have x11 on my system and I think I know what the answer is but just wanted to verify. I would still like to have x11 on my computer so is this going to conflict each time I open another xara file. Thanks.


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    Default Re: resetting default programs

    Use Windows File Explorer to find a .xar file, Right click on it, then:
    Properties > Change > More Apps (if you don't see Designer Pro 16 in the options). Ok your way out.

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    Default Re: resetting default programs

    I think by default the old files should open with DPX 16. It is a file association thing.

    Not sure about this cause it is still early and I am just up but you can right click on a file and select Open With... then select DPX 16 and I think there is a check box for Do this every time or always use this program or something to that effect.
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