Dear Xara...

I create a shape and then make a Live Copy.
The shape and its copy are now within a Live Copy Group and both copies have an asterisk when selected.
Question - what decide the horizontal displacement value?

When I create a shape and then make it a Repeating Object, I get the same black asterisk (not helpful, is it?) and the shape is placed with a Repeating Group.

Bug - when I subsequently select the Repeating Object, the shapes and not its wrapping group is selected. As a result,you have to locate the shape in the Page and Layer gallery and then pick is Repeating Group before you can then Edit Inside.

The guidance is confusing:
When one of these groups contain a single object, you can directly select that object instead of selecting the group that encloses it. Look at the Status Line (on page 37) and the Page and Layer Gallery (on page 181) to see this in action.
Both are counter to the behaviour of the Shadow Group where both shape and Shadow Group are selected. If I select the Shadow Group in the Page & Layer gallery, the shape, its shadow and the Shadow Group are all selected. Also the Shadow Group expands if I have Locate switched on, the others Groups do not. There appears to be not Edit Inside for shadows.

Add Text Inside to a shape creates another different set of behaviours.

A normal Group can be double-clicked to Open Group as can a Live Copy, if more than one exists. A Repeating Group needs to have more than one shape. Cannot do this for Bevels or Contours.

An Extrude ought to be a shape within a wrapping Extrude Group.

A Blend does nothing. Few know that its Start and End shapes can be Ctrl+Selected and manipulated.

A Mould needs a similar approach.

A Soft Group ought to allow Open Soft Group but I can see why is hasn't.

Can we strive for consistency?