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    Default Re: Xara Web Designer Premium 365 - Is it worth renewing??

    @acorn has bailed me out more times than he knows. Thank You.

    I took a close look at Xara Cloud but this I believe is strictly corporate. I just don’t think it’s working for Xara. It may be a hybrid of Adobe, wordpress arrangement. If memory serves this is a monthly, strictly for non designers. I just don’t get that strategy. The forum threads are way below average. Joe 6 pack designer, the masses if you will, are not attracted to this platform at all.

    Now if Xara put up a full fledged XD on a cloud, full capability, with a yearly sub I might be tempted. Tempted only. I hope Xara makes the right moves going forward. I really do.
    Bill Wood
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    Charity Web Design
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    Default Re: Xara Web Designer Premium 365 - Is it worth renewing??

    If you renew you get to use the Content Catalog, which has broken objects that will prohibit you from opening your existing files. And if you need support your subscription does not offer you that, cause that is pushed to Magix that fights with you until you give up.




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