Dear Xara...

If I right-click select an Object from any Tool, less Mask, I get a context-aware menu, which can be very useful.

These, however, are being wasted.
If I pick a Rectangle Object I get a context-aware menu, and I can pick the first option, Rectangle Tool to switch to and also tick the option.
Bug - the tick cannot be unticked using the same steps again.
Suggestion - I propose the second selection untick the option and set the Tool to the Selector, a benign retreat.

Bug - for a Text Object, the first option, Edit Text, does not add a tick.
Suggestion - as above, for consistency.

The context-aware Text Object menu has a sibling that appears when Check spelling as you type is ticked.
Bugs - now you have to untick Check spelling as you type through an icon to then return to the text to get to the fuller context-aware menu. The first option, Edit Text, vanishes, if the cursor is already inside the word with a spell-check red underline.
Suggestion - the context-aware Text Object menu should have the option to tick/untick spell-checking. For this not to have a Key shortcut make the spell-checker and its use quite awkward.
Bug - for a Text Object with a highlighted letter, word, or phrase, you have a further context-aware Insert menu. You get this for any subsequent right-click. Some of the displayed options are not available and, worse, some do the wrong thing. Some even do the right thing but you are then totally lost as how to repeat or undo it. e.g., select the first letter of a word, apply Web Animation > Mouse-over effort: Wobble. Preview and hover. Do the same to the third letter. Preview and hover over each letter. Finally, do the same to the second letter. All of a sudden, all change. If the middle letter has a different effect, you agains have character-driven events.