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    they can creep up on you, slow change is not always noticable.. I hope all goes well, it is at least a routine op in most cases - one eye at a time....
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    Quote Originally Posted by pauland View Post
    I can definitely say that my wife's cataracts ( unsurprisingly ) makes her see everything as being darker than I do. She wasn't aware she had them until she had an eye test. Just over a week ago our change to a larger 4K TV brought out some unexpected enthusiasm from her because the TV picture became clearer.

    Her perception of the world as being darker has increased as her cataracts have worsened. Don't get me wrong, she does everything that she could do before, but she's definitely lost some definition and brightness. Roll on her operation.
    Had cataract surgery about 3 years ago. Minimal discomfort, worst part was putting in eye drops for a few days after. Left eye corrective lens for reading, right one for distance. Rarely wear any glasses, mostly when I drive (just to be sure). Couldn't believe how much brighter the world is and now the trees have leaves instead of green blob.




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