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    Default Breakbeat Record Label Logo (graff stylee)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	4tcr logo.jpg 
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    This was done for another breakbeat hardcore label. Their original logo was a stencil that just says '4 the core' but they explicitly said they came to me for some graffiti style, so I did something I think works at tiny and large sizes, is more legible than pure 'artsy' graffiti, so here it is.
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    Default Re: Breakbeat Record Label Logo (graff stylee)

    Nicely done, hseiken. I'm thinking your client likes your work.

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    Default Re: Breakbeat Record Label Logo (graff stylee)

    It must be me not really understanding this type of graffiti work but I did not see the 4 until I read your description.

    But anyway I looks like you are doing good in this area of work because you are getting clients.





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