Open MS Windows Explorer, not a browser, and copy %localappdata%\temp\ or type the same into the address box.
This will resolve to your Local App Data store and open your folder view into the Temp folder where Xara hides a lot of things.

Note this folder path detail, typically, C:\Users\[logonUserName]\AppData\Local\Temp.

Now, in your browser, or even a Xara link, type in file:///C:/Users/[logonUserName]/AppData/Local/Temp/.

This seems a lot of hassle and not much of a Gift.

Now you have it in your browser, make it one of you start-up pages.

In the display, you will see Folders like:
  • MAGIX/
  • XaraTempSupportFolders/
  • None, one or more of format Xara_XXPV16_mnopq/
  • Other random folders and files; there might be a TemplateChecker.htm file.

Opening in a browser allows simple navigation around your data without you wanting to delete any of it, by design or accident.

hen you Preview a website, the built-in Xara Web Server creates a new folder in %localappdata%\Temp\ Xara_XWDV11_mmmmm, %localappdata%\Temp\ Xara_XWDPV15_nnnnn or %localappdata%\Temp\ Xara_XXPV16_nnnnn with random mmmmm, nnnnn and ooooos that have the same contents to a folder where the website has been locally Exported. The random number prevent your browser caching stale details; especially useful when Previewing and changing lots in the design.

In other words, a Website Preview is the same as an Export to a specified Folder; here, Xara is doing the specifying.

Knowing where things are is great for checking everything is in place and not just praying for it.

When you press Preview whole website (F5), you can ignore the Xara Preview and navigate to file:///C:/Users/[logonUserName]/AppData/Local/Temp/Xara_XXPV16_mnopq/index.htm to Preview directly in your default or favorite browser.
A bit more involved but you have the pleasure of getting to view and examine all the other published files all in one place, e.g., did jQuery get published?

Looking into the MAGIX/ Folder and one of the log files should give you a copyable Xara Desktop application serial number as well as the exact version that was run at the log time.

The XaraTempSupportFolders/ are used to store external files you associate with a link (Web Properties > Link > Link to file (...)).

Now the nice thing about running a website preview this way is you don't run into browser caching problems. Close xara and the Xara_XXPV16_mnopq/ Folders & XaraTempSupportFolders/ sub-Folders evaporate. Restart Xara and Preview and you get a fresh collection.

Now tell if you discover other things; I am interested.

Here is a version of the Gift, for which you need to change the View LocalAppData link to your logon username: IFRAME - LocalAppData Viewer.xar.
I hope you enjoy the visual pun.