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    Lightbulb Custom Colour Scheme from Palette from Photo

    This workflow will only apply to XDPXv16 onwards, where the Colour from Palette feature is included.

    When designing a site for a client, I ask for a portfolio of photographs the client thinks describes their anticipated colour scheme.
    Tweaking colours in an interactive session is fine but if you are not careful, you lose design integrity or overlook an earlier hit.

    To get started, I now Use a Blank photo template.
    I untick Utilities > Options > View > Colour: Delete unused colours and styles when saving.
    I drop the image onto the canvas or use Insert > Image > from file; I copy the filename (<Filename>).
    I use the Photo tool > Palette from Photo feature.
    I then save the file as <Filename>_themecolorscheme.xar (using Save as Type (.xar)).

    Do this for all photos in the portfolio.

    Design you site.
    Meet your client.
    Drop any of the schemes onto the site.

    Do remember to create a new file with a page of your chosen scheme before you meet your client (save off as ClientDefault_themecolorscheme.xar).
    Ditto when agreement has been reached (use ClientChoice_themecolorscheme.xar).

    You gain a collection of original named photos at full resolution.
    You create a colour scheme portfolio.
    You establish a clearly contracted outcome.

    If you have a range of options, then create colour swatches of T1 to T5, their Shades and Text.
    Create a Bitmap Copy of all of these and use these as your source for recreating a colour scheme.

    Acorn - My currently active Xara software: XDPX (current, v15, v12 & 11 (64-bit)), unserviced XWD Premium 15 & 12, XPGD10, X3D7; lots of licences back through time (to CC's Artworks). If your Post identifies a Xara software fault, please raise it directly with Magix --> support2.magix.com.

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    Default Re: Custom Colour Scheme from Palette from Photo

    Brilliant use of this feature.
    Gary W. Priester
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