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    Default FTP error: Timeout was reached

    Hi. I have had Xara Web Designer for over 10 years.
    I have just upgraded to Version 16
    I have not changed any of my settings, now I get FTP time out every time I try to upload my site.
    I know its not the FPT credentials, I have uploaded the site via Filezilla.
    Can't imagine what's going wrong.
    Please help.
    I was working just fine...
    Thanks, David

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    Default Re: FTP error: Timeout was reached

    I haven't got a answer for you but will be watching for answered as I have the same problem and always assumed it was because I have a really slow internet connection

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    Default Re: FTP error: Timeout was reached

    I get the same. I think it is from a slow server. Are you using Xara hosting?
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    Default Re: FTP error: Timeout was reached

    David - Has this just started happening since you went with Web Designer 16?
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    Default Re: FTP error: Timeout was reached

    Also check you're running as Administrator.

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    Default Re: FTP error: Timeout was reached

    David, as described, this can be nothing to do with Xara as you are using Filezilla.

    Are you therefore exporting to the same folder? Does that folder have the right permissions?

    When Filezilla is connected, can you see both the local filestore folder and the server destination files?
    Have you updated Filezilla recently?

    If you have upgraded, do you still have the prior version installed? Does this still work with Filezilla?

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