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    Lightbulb New to Web Design and seeking for some help

    Pastebin index.html: https://pastebin.com/zXyx6waQ
    Pastebin css : https://pastebin.com/vVQAqVJa

    Hello there, i am new to web designing and have created a small website learning from youtube and here and there.
    I got a bit messed up in some parts of the website and will be glad if someone can help me out with those.

    a) Zooming out to 25% makes the website to a complete different thing what i tried to make.
    b) The footer copyright thing is not dynamic with browser size. If i minimize the browser it's overlapping.

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    Default Re: New to Web Design and seeking for some help

    For your styles of Class col, try changing the percentage width to a viewport width. The divs probably need to
    If it is supported to show as image then you need to set the image to "cover". Your code offering omitted the infor.png absolute address.

    To avoid the footer overlapping in a short viewport, you probably need to add a minheight somewhere.

    You need to search out more tutorials about CSS as TG is not a coding forum.

    I also think you need to ask why are you doing this and jumping in before you have a better grasp of the basics.
    The page you have produced is truly irritating and I would click away from it in short order.
    What is more important, the text in the centre or that text being pushed around and squeezed or stretched depending on where the viewer puts their mouse pointer?
    The transition time is far to short and you probably need a Bezier easing function to make the changes less stressful.

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