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Perhaps you can point me to some specific articles on this subject (especially if they have specific relevance for Xara generated code)?
Nope. I cannot. That's the unfortunate state of things. One reads in depth in the training materials from the most respected sources like Mozilla Developers, W3Schools, etc., and they all give similar advice. Whatever exceptions there might be, e.g., Xara's automated code generation, is not addressed. Xara itself only mentions that it meets the html standards, not addressing side issues like efficiency. We're frankly left a bit in the dark.

That said, there are some aspects of how Xara generates code that are clearly not optimal. Lots of shape manipulation (anything other than a rectangle, most combinations of rounded corners, rotations, gradients, skewing, transparency) that can be done directly by coding are handled by exporting as jpgs in Xara, compromising the quality and requiring lots more bandwidth. Exactly what Google's algorithm makes of this, I don't know.