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    Default Auto-fit all objects - website - Width

    So to summarize for most document types, print, presentations and social media, select Width & Height. For websites choose the Width only option.
    What are ALL the steps needed to get this to work like in the video? They have multiple variants to get it to resize, but how many?

    testing this with a New> Web page 960 px, Export website in xaras browser, not working, tested in Firefox browser, not resizing.
    1) design website, Auto Fit all Objects
    2) create variant(main) and (mobile)
    3) the mobile pops on when scaled down, but there is nothing smooth about it.

    [QUOTE]Automatic page width adjustment The new Scale to Fit Width option automatically scales content within each web variant so that it fits the width of the screen or browser, meaning your website can be viewed better on different devices.

    Read more: https://www.magix.com/us/photo-graph.../new-features/
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    Default Re: Auto-fit all objects - website - Width

    Here is an example using a 480px width mobile variant and a 1080px desktop variant using the Scale-to-fit-Width from the Web Export Options https://omnidisplay.co.uk. Squeeze the desktop browser width to see the transition on your desktop and look at the site on a mobile and tablet. You could use 3 variants, 480px, 960px and maybe 1200px, but I have found two works fine.

    The layout structure of the variants are intentionally designed for the device size on which they are to be viewed; they DO NOT use the 'Auto-Fit-Objects'. Where I use the latter, it is for print only. I have found this approach easier to manage.

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    Default Re: Auto-fit all objects - website - Width

    Auto-fit Objects and Scale to Fit are two different concepts.

    Auto-fitting allows position and scale of objects to be established on a page.
    If you subsequently decide to widen or shorten a page, the tagged objects will move or scale relative to the the settings.
    This is a design page utility.

    It can be used in Variants to initially align the objects in a layout but it is not that useful as a mobile view is typically different (longer) and simpler.

    The Scale-To-Fit option is a pure browser presentation to ensure the width fits the resolution of the viewport. It allows for fewer Variants to be used at the expense of you having to judge if the scaling factor is appropriate.

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