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    Default delete multiple layers?

    Anyway to select multiple layers and delete them?
    Imported a Layered photoshop PSD file and want to delete 50 of the layers, preferably not one at a time.
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    Default Re: delete multiple layers?

    Have you hold control or Shift key down?
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    Default Re: delete multiple layers?

    yes, the obvious key commands are not working, are SHIFT and CTRL suppose to work for layer multi selections?
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    Default Re: delete multiple layers?

    they only work for objects afaik
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    Default Re: delete multiple layers?

    There are a couple of set-up tricks you can do to make the whole process less tiresome.

    Page Options > Page Size > document - tick Same layers on all pages in document.
    Lock all required Layer on any of the pages (ripples through to all pages).

    For each page, Select All and delete all shapes.

    In the Page & Layer gallery. use the Delete button for one of the Layers. A pop-up will ask if you want this: tick Always delete all and then click the Delete all button.
    Repeatedly Delete each Layer.

    In your example, you would lock all wanted Layers; select All and Group. Delete all unwanted Layers.
    One will complain that it has objects on it. These you keep and Ungroup.

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