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    Default hmmm - how do I .... (have in effect a HUGE popover)

    I have a few single paragraph blocks of text
    some need additional data
    and I desire it to be accessed via <more>
    (look bottom right of text under capital services)

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    I can make this a link to a separate page that is not part of the nav buttons
    but I want something more elegant
    eg a POPup box == but that is not big enough
    maybe some form of a layer
    (i have not learned to use layers at all)
    or maybe a page-wide block of text that will PUSH the rest of the page down
    (like a typical accordion FAQ)

    if my request is not clear enough
    I can add some more sample photos of what I want

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    Default Re: hmmm - how do I .... (have in effect a HUGE popover)

    found a little section in the help guide
    looked promising
    Here are the steps to create a pop-up text block like this:
    1.Select a layer in the Page & Layer Gallery and click New to create a new layer.
    2.Draw a rounded rectangle with the Rectangle tool, click a (pale) color patch on the Color Line to give it a fill color. For good measure give it a soft shadow (select the Shadow tool and just drag on the rectangle).
    3.Create a block of text on top of your rectangle. Select the Text tool and drag diagonally across the rectangle. Type your text. You probably want to hide the pop-up layer now, so click the eye icon against your new layer in the Page & Layer Gallery.
    4.Back on the base (MouseOff) layer (click it in the Page & Layer Gallery to set this as current layer) now select the text you want to trigger the pop-up, using the usual method (in the Text tool). Then open the Web Properties dialog (Ctrl+Shift+W) and on the Mouse-over tab select the new layer from the 'Show popup layer' drop down menu. Click OK.
    5.Preview and test your mouseover effect.
    it is not in the Web Properties dialog
    it is in the Web Animation Dialog
    anyway - can now make a GIANT popup box
    good enough for now
    can someone tell the right people to edit the manual :P

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    Default Re: hmmm - how do I .... (have in effect a HUGE popover)

    ok - works ok with mouseover
    but the popover text box disappears when the cursor slides off the trigger point
    and I can not figure out how to click (to appear) and click (anywhere to disappear)\\
    www.ravenswood.group under the capital services <more>

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    Default Re: hmmm - how do I .... (have in effect a HUGE popover)

    Thee, don't use web animation. Use Web Properties.

    Here's a great video re this.
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    Default Re: hmmm - how do I .... (have in effect a HUGE popover)

    they always are egg
    carpe diem
    carpo vitae

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    Default Re: hmmm - how do I .... (have in effect a HUGE popover)

    great info

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    Info Re: hmmm - how do I .... (have in effect a HUGE popover)

    Accordion methods are cover here: https://www.talkgraphics.com/showthr...llapsible-text.

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