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    Default I need Sherlock Holmes ( or someone ) to help figure this out ....

    I use shared hosting wherein the URLs are matched to a folder in my host
    I have 2 unique domain names, both point to the same folder (RIEco)
    (Ravenswood.co and TheRavenswoodGroup.com)
    worked perfectly for a couple of years
    rebuilt the site using XARA Pro and FTP all files into the same folder (RIEco)
    while testing the past few hours
    I noted an anomaly
    when I hit a hyperlink to an outside URL (unrelated to Ravenswood)
    it still showed www.TheRavenswoodGroup.com in the URL for the visited site?????
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    and If I go into Ravenswood.co and click the same link - it works normally
    upon more research
    the view source for www.TheRavenswoodGroup.com
    shows a FRAMESET????? but Ravenswood.co does not?? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? (yo sherlock)
    as BOTH URL point to the same page
    moreover - here is the view source for TheRavenswoodGroup
      <title>The Ravenswood Group</title>  
      <meta name="description" content="The Ravenswood Group is an International Holding Company with dozens of global partners and affiliated companies.">
      <meta name="keywords" content="">
    <frameset rows="100%,*" border="0">
      <frame src="http://www.ravenswood.co" frameborder="0" />
    how does "TheRavenswoodGroup" even know about "Ravenswood.co"???
    I opened the index.html (made with XARA) in an editor and there is no frameset coding

    If I go to www.topgun.com/RIEco (the actual location of the files)
    it works as expected (ie no frameset)

    the foregoing is not a deal-breaker for me
    I doubt anyone in the real world will even notice
    sure 'need' to see how this happen as might be an issue in the future
    sorry for the long read = hopefully, some might find it interesting help cipher this
    in summary
    two domains USING the EXACT SAME Xara files have different results
    and yes - did look at my LINK CODING -- in XARA (is normal)
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    Default Re: I need Sherlock Holmes ( or someone ) to help figure this out ....

    problem solved!
    after an hour on the phone with the hosting company
    and of course with them saying 'the problem was coding'
    found an embedded server code redirecting the siteA to siteB
    and both sites were already pointing to the same index files
    ergo -- like a mirror
    which is why 1 URL worked ok and the 2nd had issues

    anyway -




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