Dear Xara...

I open a new default template document or by right-clicking select on the Tab + icon for the top item.
In passing, this is another hidden context menu - who knows to right-click here or on the Lock aspect ratio icon?

When the new document opens, the Status Line reads "For help & information select Contents from the Help menu".
This only appears for the default template.
It is factually wrong as a user needs to actually select Help > Xara [program name] Help > Contents tab.
Yes it is picky but while I am at it, the Status Line message is there for one second so few will be able to read it to know what it is saying.

Last moan, why do the tooltips for the right-click Tab + icon options, read:
  • First option: Creates a new drawing - this is regardless of the actual template type.
  • Other options: Creates a new document from template nn - this is laziness at its apex.
  • Animation & Blank photo - actually correct.