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    Default Re: Cutout a portion of a Photo

    i do trace the bitamp, to get the exact outline of it.
    with this path i do a clipview or whatever.
    good bitmap tracer is inkscape. works with copy and paste.
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    Default Re: Cutout a portion of a Photo

    Quote Originally Posted by RKissane View Post
    Is there a way in Xara Designer to cutout a portion of a photo and not have a clipped photo, just the cutout portion? Everything I have tried keeps giving me a clipped photo. I have done this is the past but I can't remember if I used Xara or a paint program to do this.

    I hope you solved this, but reading the replies, I'm confused...you want to pull a portion of the photo out? Draw a line/shape over it then duplicate the photo and the shape, then use intersect and subtract. You should get two separate parts right next to each other. Just note that you'll now have a 'seam' to deal with.

    I'm not sure that's what you were after, but your initial questions seems to suggest 'pulling' something out of a photo, like it's scissored...forgive me if I read this wrong.
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    Default Re: Cutout a portion of a Photo

    that results in two 'clipped' photos, because of xara's 'non-destructive' editing that allows you to go back, by unclipping the two parts

    you need to make a bitmap copy so that you have a 'fixed' new photo if you want to use a routine that would just ignore the clipping - eg bitmap tracer
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    Default Re: Cutout a portion of a Photo


    what I did was what handrawn suggested above. I clipped the portion of the photo I wanted and then made a bitmap copy. This way I could runt the bitmap tracer on just that portion that I wanted.





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