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    Default Re: Disable status bar hover effect

    They certainly will.

    There are many ways to skin a cat (horrible saying) but I like to pop all my video/audio files in a sub folder to keep things neat. All the links then point inside that folder.

    Some of the code looks to be daunting, but you're really only altering the links once the style has been set.

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    Default Re: Disable status bar hover effect

    just to say, it is possible to capture the video in a player; your average visitor may not have the knowledge/software to do this, and depending on the capture method the quality may degrade, but no way is it difficult
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    Default Re: Disable status bar hover effect

    1. Click the linked photo
    2. In the video window that opens select and copy the URL

    You have removed right click so this required the additional above steps. Normally I would right click and copy link address.

    I think this is a non-issue
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