We’ve just released an update to Xara Designer Pro X, Web Designer and Web Designer Premium. New features include support for Line Charts and other flexible new chart controls, a new style of colored backgrounds for text columns and areas, ‘auto-bleed’ for those of you doing commercial printing from Designer Pro, the usual progress on import & export formats and a handful of small but hopefully useful usability improvements. You can find a summary of these and other new features & content on our website @ https://www.xara.com/designer-pro/whats-new/ and https://www.xara.com/web-designer/whats-new/ and full details on all the 16.x updates in the Release Notes @ http://releasenotes.xara.hosting/designer-pro-x16/ and http://releasenotes.xara.hosting/web-designer-16/

If you have an active Update Service and you’re running v16.0 then you should shortly see 16.3 offered as an auto-update. If you’re still on v15 then you will need to re-download Designer Pro from https://www.xara.com/designer-pro/download/ or Web Designer from https://www.xara.com/web-designer/download/

If your Update Service has expired then you can renew your Update Service / upgrade in order to get this and other updates since your version (go to the Designer Pro or Web Designer page on magix.com and click Upgrade).

And as always you can find separate info on what’s new in Xara Cloud @ https://docs.xara.com/latest-updates.

We hope you enjoy the new features.

Kate Moir @ Xara