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Thread: popup layer

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    Default popup layer

    Hi thanks to those who helped re getting video into my site worked it out as per advice putting as a popup layer.

    My problem now is I have 2 popup layers each with a different video on but when I check the page the music from which ever popup layer is at the top is playing in the background. If I only have on popup layer it's not a problem. The videos are set to autoplay but only expect that when the layer is opened.
    Any ideas

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    Default Re: popup layer

    The videos are set to autoplay but only expect that when the layer is opened
    When a webpage is loaded all the content of any pop-up layer is also loaded (not yet visible but loaded).

    I attach an excellent xar file using Sirans code to achieve what your after I think.

    Here's a link to a thread re this matter, not Sirans original thread but I can't find that at present.

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    Default Re: popup layer

    Thank you for the response. It's useful.




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