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    Default Back after a long break

    I have just returned to Xara after a long break. Truth is I fell in love with another (the Affinity range from Serif) but decided I needed to reload my old copy of Xara Designer to revisit some of my old drawings. After re-registering the software I soon received an offer from Magix to upgrade to the latest version. Though it was not in my mind to use Xara again other than to view my old vector images, the uprade offer was too good to ignore so I now have the latest version. So now I have a choice of vector programs to use, both of which have their strengths. I find I can use both by exporting images as .svg which both seem happy with.

    I tend to draw a lot of classic cars/bikes and remember years ago Xara came with an excellent plugin which allowed me to do a 'chrome' fill on hubcaps, bike silencers etc but this was dropped many versions ago. Is there anything similar available now?

    Anyway I had better close this long rambling post before everyone falls asleep with boredom.


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    Default Re: Back after a long break

    ZZZZZZZZZZZ. Oops. Sorry, I must have dozed off. Good to see you again Graham.
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    Default Re: Back after a long break

    greetings from the east to the south, welcome back

    I am a great fan of affinity photo and now publisher,, designer not so much
    carpe diem
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