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    Default new user -- getting up to speed fast - but need advice on page sizing

    did a quick test -- it worked
    made a new site (blank)
    imported a file (PDF flyer)
    just to check readability etc
    happy with the results
    checked the page size option - it reset to US Letter
    as the site will have a 'few normal' web pages
    about the company and overview etc
    then will have about 20 pages of the PDF flyers
    (yes - I can handle the NavBar menus and sub-menus ok)
    here are my questions
    1. what size do I make my normal web pages??
    *can they or should they be all same width? (ie US letter)

    2. many of the flyers are multiple pages
    and the import function makes each page be a separate page
    hmmm ,.... not sure I want the viewer to have to click NEXT on the bottom of each page?
    if yes - how do I do that (just add buttons (arrows) for next and back?
    or how do I make each flyer be 1 long page
    (ie merge separate pages into a single page for each flyer)


    some of the flyer text got a little corrupted
    do I have to fix each by hand?

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    Info Re: new user -- getting up to speed fast - but need advice on page sizing

    TD, what you could do is embed the PDF flyers into you page rather than adding them.

    The process involves the embedding and the display in an IFRAME.

    Using any object, I use a box and place it off the page; press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A and navigate to and select one of your flyers.
    Note its filename; I usually add it as text beside the box.

    Create a box the size of your page, for you, US Letter, and then scale down to 85% and position where is best.
    In its Placeholder Code (body), add:
    <iframe src="index_htm_files/manual - 16dot2.pdf" width=100% height=100%></iframe>
    changing the red filename to yours.

    All flyers now display a page full at a time and multi-page one gain a vertical scrollbar.
    No corrections are needed either.

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