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    Default Xara Cloud Update - Release 65

    Release notes can be found here: https://docs.xara.com/en/articles/33...h-october-2019

    Local File Open
    Another long requested feature we now support! You can now directly open a file from your local computer instead of being forced to upload it to your cloud drive

    To do so, simply go to the File Picker > Your Files and in the left hand panel, click on 'Your Computer'. This will open a dialog from where you can now select your file. We support:


    After opening, your file will be converted to a .xar project file so it can be edited, but don't worry, you can export the file again to the originally saved format or even to another format (such as docx to pdf).

    Direct Image Open
    Similar to the above, we now include the option to directly open images and graphics from either your connected cloud drive or from your PC.

    After opening the image, Xara will automatically generate named colors from your image to also use! We support the following image file formats:
    .jpg / jpeg
    .tif / .tiff

    List Styles
    We now support list styles! This allows you to apply and save a style to a list and the list sub levels for use throughout your document.

    Bug Fixes and Improvements
    Fixed an error when changing zoom on insert panel
    Fixed an error when entering an incorrect company name
    Fixed an error when deleting an anchored comment
    Fixed an error when uploading a font that contains an accented character
    Fixed an error when copying a table
    Fixed an issue when scrolling to caret fails
    Fixed a JavaScript text error when opening a .xar file
    Fixed an issue when replacing an image whilst snap lines are displayed
    Fixed an issue when moving a selection of grouped text and symbols
    Fixed an issue when transforming a shape within a group
    Fixed an issue where photo effect was not maintained in replaced photos
    Fixed an issue where X-axis grid-lines were not working for line charts
    Fixed an issue where list view controls disappear after loading a folder
    Fixed an issue when editing a default theme shows the company logo in colors panel
    Fixed an issue where columns don't align in file picker after changing zoom level
    Fixed an issue with page size dimensions being passed from the server in Photo documents
    Fixed a formatting issue with autofill and bulleted lists
    Fixed a selection bounds issue after a specific sequence
    Fixed the behavior of rotation snapping for symbols, groups and selections
    Fixed a positioning issue with a context menu
    Fixed an issue with selection bounds after dragging a symbol
    Fixed subject line when inviting members to a company
    Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to change the height of a text panel
    Fixed an issue where an ellipse would change in size when being copied or locked
    Fixed a crash when resizing a text box
    Fixed an issue where add panel is no longer draggable after inserted a component
    Fixed an issue where product tours were not being triggered
    Fixed an error when generating brand colors from Logo
    Fixed a display issue with templates that have an odd number of pages
    Fixed thumbnail size issue within template file picker
    Fixed an issue where thumbnails were not updating properly after a change
    Fixed an issue with context menu not showing on text frame selection
    Fixed an issue where page was not refreshing properly after document company change
    Fixed an issue where add email and password option for accounts was not working
    Fixed an error when clicking on edit document from an email invite
    Fixed an error when importing pptx files in edge and IE browsers
    Replaced Launch editor button in Company Admin Panel
    4 New Google fonts have been added to the list
    Improved Admin permissions to allow change of team name
    Updated React Library
    Improved file upload response time
    Improved handling of updated smartfields message
    Improved busy indicator when editing text
    Improved handling of list styles
    Improved support for document header properties
    Improved close button hitbox on team creation popup
    A confirmation email will be sent after changing password
    Many other server side related fixes and improvements

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    Default Re: Xara Cloud Update - Release 65

    Thank you Rob, I found the Open Local File option earlier today. I think this and local images will be quite interesting.

    I have already linked directly to my downloaded local cache quite successfully.

    Acorn - installed and active Xara software: Cloud+/Pro+, XDPX, XWD Premium 15 & 12, XPGD10, X3D7, Xara Xtreme 5, back through time (to CC's Artworks).
    Raise software faults with MagiXara: http://support.magix.net/; if Cloud+/Pro+: https://xara.com/contact-us/

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    Dear Xara...

    I have tried the editing of an existing PDF that is 4 pages and 42kB.
    Xara Cloud sings along with https://docs.xara.com/en/articles/23...y-project-file.
    It just happens that the PDF is secured, so wrong alert message.
    Also to offer the need to use an Xara Desktop application (XDA) to optimise images is a bit rich.

    On opening a larger, more complex, document with mathematical symbols, only the images presented.
    I had to make a change and then revert to finally view the document.
    Double line borders were inexplicably split into two or three segments and displaced.
    Equally, table rounds were fragmented and not equally for different rows.

    I loaded a German technical document; Xara Cloud declared it language to be UK English.

    I opened a third document with tables and images.
    All borders became detached straight line segments.
    Vertical lines were transformed into skinny shapes with rounding controls.
    Bookmarks were not maintained.

    I know the product is currently beta for PDF but for XaraXine 04 to claim "All in one application" is somewhat premature.
    Affinity Publisher was generally worse in rendering but its controls were well ahead; if failed on maths.

    My go-to application, and for a long time still, is PDF-Xchange Editor.

    My Expectations

    • XDA > Share > Xara Cloud will offer to save the current document and when saved, open Xara Cloud with the current XDA document loaded up. The current web link is next to useless.
    • As Xara Cloud can handle local files, a MS Windows right-click Open With > Store app would be very useful.

    Acorn - installed and active Xara software: Cloud+/Pro+, XDPX, XWD Premium 15 & 12, XPGD10, X3D7, Xara Xtreme 5, back through time (to CC's Artworks).
    Raise software faults with MagiXara: http://support.magix.net/; if Cloud+/Pro+: https://xara.com/contact-us/




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