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    Question Font modifying and using private characters in Windows


    I'm new here.
    I'm customizing Windows and like time goes I created many private characters or sets of them by Private Character Editor aka EUDCEDIT.
    It produces EUDC.TTE file which is possible to import to other Windows.

    I tried to rename only extension to TTF to see what it do when I install it into other Windows - no error report, font looks correct.
    I know that it is not correct 'cause FontForge reports error, but still loads it.
    Exist any converter TTE to TTF or other font format? I found nothing on the web.

    Other is what I need to do.
    For me is most complete Unicode font GNU Unifont - if anyone knows about more complete please let me know - no matter if is commercial.
    When I set Unifont in Notepad as default and try to type own private characters it displays characters of Unifont.
    This I need to override.
    Is it possible to override by any settings in Windows or needs it any font mod? So, that displays private characters?

    If it needs mod, how to import private characters (private use area) in FontForge? Even without replacing by empty characters.
    Or how to extract part of font? I know that EUDC.TTE renamed to EUDC.TTF is not correct, but FontForge can handle it.

    Last Q is:
    Is possible by linking single font with private characters to put characters into linked font?
    I want to try it, but need to be sure.

    Thank you very much for answers to my questions.

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    Question Re: Font modifying and using private characters in Windows

    Miro, welcome to TalkGraphics.

    Why chase this here when you answered it yourself in https://pchelpforum.net/t/how-to-con...-to-ttf.14016/ ?
    Nov 29, 2016
    Finally solved.
    I was searching for TTE info and description - after long long time I found simple surprise, one note that TTE is really TTF font filetype.
    So, conversion needs only renaming extension and then use wanted conversion. I used conversion for webfonts and successfuly tested.
    Thread can be marked as solved.
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    Default Re: Font modifying and using private characters in Windows

    Hm, but this answer was my opinion - never confirmed.
    Also - what other questions?




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