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    Default Keep Xara Offline?

    I'm not a fan of auto updates/check for updates. I'm oldskool, I suppose in that I treat whatever I buy as 'the one I want' and if I ever run into something I can't do or find something that is just frustrating to accomplish, then I'll check myself to see if there's a new version that addresses that issue.

    Unfortunately, no matter how many times I check 'do not show again' on the opening splash screen that begs me to buy a new Xara (with features that I literally don't need at the moment), it pops up again on the next start.

    Does anyone else have this issue? It comes off more as shareware nag screen than anything and last I checked, my records show I paid money for nag-free software.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Default Re: Keep Xara Offline?

    Join the club,take a look here and especially post 6 https://www.talkgraphics.com/showthr...update-service

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    Default Re: Keep Xara Offline?

    Constantly being nagged isn't actually a problem for me at all. I find just clicking the button and shouting, "NO, **** OFF, I'VE TOLD YOU A 100 TIMES BEFORE" helps me completely keep my composure.
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    Default Re: Keep Xara Offline?

    YES! Xara is totally inane in this regard.

    I have installed X16 alongside X12, which works a lot better for some things.

    SO, my subscription is active for the year, but two things. One is "the NAG".

    But another is Your extensions are not associated with this program, doh!

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    Default Re: Keep Xara Offline?

    Quote Originally Posted by TwoEdgedSword View Post

    But another is Your extensions are not associated with this program, doh!
    You can set this by right-clicking a .xar or .web file and selecting 'Open with'. If your Xara app is not listed, select 'Choose another app', browse to it and, once located, tick the 'Always choose this app to open ....'




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