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    Default Stop depending on MSIE.

    When I told you my software catalog didn't work a few months ago you told me to update micropuke internet explorer, LOL. I purposefully uninstalled MSIE!

    Seriously, you've got to do better than that! I can tell you for a fact that Designer Pro X 12 has no problems with the catalog, but X 16 is another story altogether. I don't know what changes you made, but I still have yet to download everything locally and I have a 30+ Mbps connection.

    Quite frankly I gave up, and when I need something involving the catalog, I use my Win10 Server in Lost Wages locally via rdp, ftp, and simple cut-and-paste. My server is well over 300 Mbps up/down. Once I find what I'm looking for, I download it. So no, your catalog and download bugaboos haven't stopped me dead in my tracks, they're just a small pain in my side.

    Anyway, lately you've had a chance to redeem yourself. I think I finally got around to getting a good printer after over 10+ years of not having one. It's an IP8700 series that boasts 9600 x 2400, but I'm not biting. I used to prepare my files @ 300 dpi with Xara and send my work off to have it printed. Because of my new printer's resolution I wanted 600 dpi, so that's what I did.

    There was a lot of talk online but nothing of real value except a good read that you pioneered 600 dpi printing. So, armed with nothing more than Xara, 600 dpi graphics, and the drivers 'print preview' functionality I got everything I needed done set and lined up and saved as printer settings and Xara templates.

    Let me tell you that Xara is nothing short of amazing when put to the test. Very, very impressive. I do find it odd that most everything that I send to the printer is automatically reduced down to around 16%, but "hey!", whatever works. In case somebody is wondering, when you take 96 screen resolution and divide it by 600 print resolution, dividing both by 24 you get 4/25, or exactly 16%.

    Xara is neither responsive, nor mobile-first, so I have moved on to Bootstrap. But I have no problem supporting you every few years, even if my suggestions are unheard. It's ok.

    I don't really understand your requirements for various frameworks, specifically dot-net and Win IE. I never ever build my software with such dependencies. I think it's both unprofessional and asking for trouble.

    I think you are missing a big market share. Sure, being adaptive kind of addresses it, but not really. And not being mobile-first, that is a big waste of bandwidth for the cellphone user accessing a site made using Xara.

    I guess for someone wondering how to set up 600 dpi printing I will close by explaining my methodology, which is quite simple. If the target printout is 12" x 18" for example, the page settings for Xara is units=pixels, and the page is set to 7200 px -by- 10800 px. Xara automatically scales when sending it to the printer.

    This is the way I do 600 dpi printing with Xara, and this is what makes sense to me.
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