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    Default Re: Lost pasteboard background layer

    Quote Originally Posted by mentorman View Post
    I thought I had I cracked it guys (more luck than judgement). I was hunting for this old form which was deleted from the site some time ago without success. I right clicked on the background layer and gave it a colour and it appeared in the layer gallery. Great I thought cracked it it looks good on local viewing. All ok I thought and uploaded the site to the server. Unfortunately it started playing up on loading wit an extended loading time. Cleared cache in browser (google) but site graphics are shrunk to a small central area and resize when site refreshed but reverts whenever the site is scrolling.

    Cannot find the intrusive form anywhere even viewing and searching in wire frame view. This is starting to dive me nuts.

    Ken, it might have been added to Website > HTML Code (body) but more likely Page HTML code (body) with a twist of Repeat on all Pages lightly added for flavour.

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    Default Re: Lost pasteboard background layer

    Hi Acorn thanks for suggestion and have checked every page and everywhere that html can be placed and the only item is the little bit of code from yourself for centering pictures in the head box. Whilst checking through I find that an old advert for hiring the hall which was parked off the page has lost all aspects or identification. It cannot be clicked, selected and is not identified in the comment line. I cannot find it in any layer or background but it is thereClick image for larger version. 

Name:	cradley_pasteboard_2.png 
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    It is a good job I am doing a new design for the site and starting afresh. looks like one of those problems that will defy all attempts to solve. Pity means I have to advance plans for new site which of course comes at the most inconvenient time

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    Default Re: Lost pasteboard background layer

    Think of this as an opportunity. I am sure there were always things you wanted to change but never got around to changing.
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    Default Re: Lost pasteboard background layer

    Well said Gary as we all put off those little things until we can no longer ignore them. I have been meaning to update design for some long time but as usual end up putting plasters over the cracks.
    Thanks for the sage advice as per usual.





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