Hi All,

We've just released a patch to all v16 desktop versions bringing them up to 16.2.1. This patch's fixes includes:

  • Fixed an issue where entering single object edit mode and back again would leave 1 layer selected
  • Fixed a selection issue when toggling a layers visibility
  • Fixed an issue with symbol font generation
  • Fixed a crash when previewing or exporting, caused by entering placeholder code into a smartshape or group
  • Fixed an issue where certain options would create multiple SmartField Dialogs
  • Fixed a styling issue when pasting data into a table
  • Fixed an issue when deleting and re-entering text into a button that has a shadow

Your program should let you know of an available update when starting up, or alternatively you can check by going to Help > Check for Updates.

Release Notes also here: https://help.xara.com/article/454-version-16-2-1-patch