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    Default Re: Shinny metallic texture


    Thanks for bring up the old workbook method. I have not seen that one and it was very informative.

    What a great resource to still have around.


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    Default Re: Shinny metallic texture

    I'm late to the party but 'metalic textures' in modern 3D are actually shader effects and use special kinds of textures usually generated by the software. You wouldn't create a 'metallic texture' so much as set some flags on shaders so it knows to create reflection maps and such. Consult the 3D engine or look into shaders for more information. Many off-the-shelf 3D engines should discuss any kinds of settings and the kinds of commands you'll need to generate reflections as nowdays, reflections on models are generated from the actual environment the model is in while the game is playing or sometimes will 'bake' a scene prior to running that it will map onto the model's surface.

    Hope this helps.
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