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    Default Controlling what Googles Images displays re: images on your website

    Hi folks, I've built my portfolio website but would like to control exactly what is displayed in Google Images when someone searches Google under my name or actual website address. When I do a search on myself in Google and go to images, All images come up- all the clip art I used to create graphics, all .jpegs used for banners and footer backgrounds, etc. generally all graphics. How do I handle images and clip-art in Xara when building pages so that I can control what is displayed in a Google search under its Images tab. Some images are fine but I don't want everything to be displayed there.

    Any suggestions? Thanks,

    Patricia Gallinger-Giao
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    Info Re: Controlling what Googles Images displays re: images on your website

    Patricia, probably the best way is to promote the images you want listing ahead of the ones Google is forced to pick otherwise.
    • Use the Names function and the construct, filename="your_meaningful_name" to give the image an relevant and unique identity.
    • Include an Pop-up Title tag for the same image.
    • Include an Image Caption (alt text)for the same image.
    • Ensure the image metadata aligns with the page content.

    You cannot do this for every image and Xara has a habit of using images for NavBars, so avoid Xara NavBars.
    Never group text with anything; use Soft-Groups.
    Look for CSS solutions, where possible, that do not rely on images.
    Avoid Xara's built-in Pop-up photo option as you have not control over the pop-ups' metadata.

    Play with https://www.google.com/search?tbm=is...4dUDCAU&uact=5 to see how random an image search can be without good management.

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