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    Default Re: Gear-Config Icon Challenge

    I think the way to remove guesswork is to focus on the tip (top) and the pitch (side) of a cog.

    The tip curve is easily constructed from a circle with the same diameter as the gear, 485px.
    The pitch, for the above size of the example jpeg, can be two intersecting large circles, 3200px diameter, whose circumferences align with the cog pitch.

    Intersecting all shapes of the small circle and the two larger ones results in a stator of the exact required shape that can be cloned, rotated and to form the cogs.
    The rest of the construction is relatively simple using two sized circles.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Stator.jpg 
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Name:	Stators.jpg 
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Name:	Cogs.jpg 
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Name:	Almost Gear.jpg 
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Name:	Gear.jpg 
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    Default Re: Gear-Config Icon Challenge

    A tip-top tip, Acorn!
    ** Detailed "Create A Spinning Logo Tutorial" is available in .pdf format for download at this link **
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