This update seems fairly little on the surface but we've spent most of the time improving and optimising many things behind the scenes. We're also working on many new changes to the UI and UX which we're hoping to gradually role out soon also.

Release 63 notes here -

Selection bound improvements
We've made further improvements to the selection handles when selecting groups or multiple objects. You should see the standard directional resize handles now no matter the selection.

Auto-bleed in PDF Commercial export
When applying the crop and bleed marks in PDF commercial quality (PDF/X), Xara will now extend objects that touch the edge of the page into the bleed area. This will improve print quality by preventing white edges after the page has been cut. We're preparing a send to print option so you can order your documents to be printed and delivered straight to your door.

Bug fixes and improvements
Fixed an issue where importing a table from PowerPoint corrupted the table.
Fixed an issue with SmartField website linking
Fixed an issue where charts were not being placed where they were dropped
Fixed an issue where text cannot be selected after a marquee selection
Fixed an issue where support folder items were being deleted after republishing
Fixed an issue where Smart lines and arrows failed to select
Fixed an issue where dragging a selection caused flickering
Fixed a display issue with rounded shapes
Fixed a crash when attempting to move a group with symbols
Fixed a crash when dragging a group with something inside selected
Fixed a crash when creating a BrandSpace
Improved chart performance when entering text in the labels
Improved company name validation rules when creating a company
Improved handling of rotated text within a group
Various server side improvements