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    Default Help with sketch image trace in illustrator

    Hello everyone,my name is roberto.
    I nedd some advice and help. Firstly im having trouble with tracing a handdrawn sketch in illustrator. The thing is that my son drawn a sketch on paper. I scanned it en opened it in illustrator. After that i made a image trace to get the outlines and expand it. Ok so far so good.after expanding i saved it as a dxf file,because i want to cut the drawing on vynil and press it on a shirt. The trouble is beginning at the cutting part. But what i get is double lines in tge cut proces. Also a lot of double lines after the tracing and expabding. Is there a way or technique to clean this out. And is there somebody who knows something about this problem of mine.

    Thanks.gr roberto

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    Default Re: Help with sketch image trace in illustrator

    Welcome to TalkGraphics Roberto

    I do not know the answer to your question. Maybe the double line is a shape and it is not a line?
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