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    Default Nag window after skipping an DPX update...

    Hi People

    I have reluctantly made the decision not to renew my Designer Pro update service this year for various reasons.

    I now have a small window pop up entitled "Update Service period expired" everytime I start Designer Pro. A bit annoying. Sure the licence is perpetual, but Xara should not resort to this.

    Other than renewing, does anyone know of a reliable reg hack that can get rid of this?

    I have seen on another post that if I wait around 4 weeks, I should get the tick box "never show this again". I don't really want to have wait that long if I can help it.

    I have compiled a Autohotkey script that bypasses this little window, but if I could just edit the registry to get rid of this, that would be a more elegant solution.

    Of course I could write to Xara support, but I think their response will be to simply update. However, something has came up that means this year, Xara misses out unfortunately.

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    Default Re: Nag window after skipping an DPX update...

    Yes I get the same thing...they (Magix) is hoping that you'll get tired of the nag and upgrade..
    But to me they haven't done anything that i need to upgrade too I design my own stuff not use templates so don't
    need the subscription as to me that is all you get is the new content...and a few additions..
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