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    Thumbs down Disable photo tool?

    Is there any registry setting to disable the photo tool at least for non photo docs and go back to the "old way"?

    I've tried to get used to the photo tool but it just gets in the way more often than not. I just applied a fill to a rectangle and the photo tool shows up to make life hard, suddenly I can no longer edit the radius of the rectangle I was working on with the selector tool and no more snap to objects and angles. It's the most annoying tool in Xara imo, everytime it shows up unwanted I lose functionality and get frustrated.

    If I click on the selector tool in the tool bar and select my ex-rectangle I would expect the select tool but oh no the photo tool has taken over the object now. It's just really bad UX how this tool operates imo. You can't even unclip the newly possesed object to get your rectangle back so yah may aswell take a swipe at non-destructive editing while your at it photo tool. Thankfully there is always undo.

    Anyway another lesson learned, avoid using Apply fill and just manual clip it in future. I feel like I need to learn how to avoid the photo tool now at this stage.
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    Default Re: Disable photo tool?

    xtom, I wholly agree with you.
    I just change the Fill to Flat and add the image back after.

    It would be nice if shape and the image were grouped so that either could be selected and worked upon.

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