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    Question Email link in WebPage. Question regarding Windows 10

    I have a laptop running Windows 10.

    I opened one of my PDF files that I created with Xara. It contains a link to my email.
    When I click on that link, it opens a new email in Windows 10 Email, not directly my Google Email account.

    Is there a setting somewhere to prevent this? I am pretty sure the same is happening to others using this PDF file. I like to instruct them how to resolve this.

    Anyone have a fix for Windows 10?

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    Default Re: Email link in WebPage. Question regarding Windows 10

    Likely the link will open whatever the default email client software is on the computer/device. So it's not really a problem with the pdf or the link that needs to be fixed, it's more an individual user/computer customization thing.

    If you're using a browser to access gmail it looks like it might be possible to have it open gmail in the browser although I've not done it before. Try a google search for: mailto link open gmail
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