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    Default Re: Software will NOT download!

    OK, convinced it wasn't the software at fault, and was my laptop, I have completely re-installed Windows 10 (it was long overdue to be honest).

    The software now installs! I have zero idea what the problem was, but...but....

    It doesn't scale to a 4K screen!

    I tried adjusting the DPI settings to be compatible, but the toolbar and icons are TINY!

    Does this "pro" software really not scale to 4K DPI?

    I have a 17" 4K laptop, and this sort of thing should really not be a problem in 2019...

    Any ideas?

    I have trialled this software on a 1080p screen, and I like it, but on my 4K screen, it is 'blurry', and I wouldn't be comfortable using it.

    This is clearly the best WYSIWYG on the market, so this is a real blow to me.

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    Default Re: Software will NOT download!

    Does this "pro" software really not scale to 4K DPI?
    That's true unfortunately Tx2

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    Default Re: Software will NOT download!

    we have been asking for 4K support in this respect for quite a while now; xara has inticated it is a 'work in progress' but so far no joy... the program is good, but definately showing it's age in certain areas...
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