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    WD6 Web designer not working

    I have installed WD 6 and 8 and neither one is working they start normal and then a dialog box says that I might need to install it again and it says error code: -6
    Does anybody know what that is?
    I have reinstalled both of them, reset the computer, and start the program before anything else, I chose "run as administrator" and checked some of the compatibility versions of windows. Nothing seems to work. They both worked on the same computer before. I switched host providers and need to reupload my websites

    Win 7 32 bit
    Intel core i3
    4 GB Ram

    Thanks for any insight

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    Default Re: Web designer not working

    Sorry to hear that MvM and I've no idea why. Just a thought.
    Are you downloading the 32 bit versions ( not even sure if 6 & 8 had a 64 bit version)
    I'd delete both versions.
    Reboot your computer.
    Reinstall just WD8 32 bit.
    Run as administrator.

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    Default Re: Web designer not working

    Thank you for your reply Egg
    I got the CD's a long time ago and never used the download versions
    I did the uninstall and reinstall and got the same message (even running it as administrator) I might try something else if I think of it.
    I have the generated files, but I don't remember/know where they go...

    32 bit was for windows not WD

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    Default Re: Web designer not working

    You can use an FTP program to upload your old Xara generated files direct to your new host service provider. There are many FTP programs, but here is one: https://winscp.net/eng/docs/ui_login...ampaign=5.15.2. Your service provider will likely have a helpline to assist.

    You could try downloading the required Xara version by logging on to your account too, or even the next successor version. Occasionally, newer software versions are not always completely backwards compatible.
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    Default Re: Web designer not working

    Using an FTP program is one option, I don't have my login info so that's out...
    Since these are not my main websites, I'll try in a few days

    Thank you for the reply




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