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    Default Re: Need help identifying a font.

    I'm not sure how you intend to use this, but given the tiny sample is the biggest you can find, then why not use one of the suggested fonts and only you and we will know the difference?

    When you think about it, most people, unless they are designers, can tell a serif from a sans serif font.
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    Default Re: Need help identifying a font.

    Quote Originally Posted by Timtam12 View Post
    Sorry for the late response...I was out of town....this is the best sample I have and it's still pretty blurry. Thank you so much for the input you all have already given....I've been having a really tough time pin pointing this one..It doesn't help that I have a crappy sample to work off of. Hmm, could this be it? CapitalisTypOasisMedium font

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    Yes, I believe so.

    For anyone wanting this 100% free font




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