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    Default Re: Much used plug-iin no longer works

    Have you tried putting it in a new document and then cutting and pasting into the original document that you need the text in? Additional steps I know, but in the end, the end product is what you require.
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    Default Re: Much used plug-iin no longer works

    "what happens is that as soon as my cursor goes anywhere near the font selection
    drop-down the whole thing crashes and I have to use task manager to shut down XP..."

    Hello everyone,
    I've been a time traveler of sorts lately. I've been trying to install and use
    ancient software (back to the xp era) on windows 10. Once something is installed
    I've run into several problems just trying to use the stuff. One particular
    problem I've run into is just trying to browse to find folders and files.
    Browsing involves clicking to open a drop down list. With one particular old
    app everytime I clicked to browse the app froze or returned a crazy error message
    (I won't go into here). Only task manager would close the app. But I finally
    (for this app) found an admittedly bizarre solution. Before running the app I
    made sure the recycle bin was empty. If it wasn't I emptied it. Sometimes this
    did the trick. Other times it was necessary to do one more strange thing.
    I opened task manager and restarted file explorer. After doing one or both of
    these things browsing was possible in the app.
    Font selection and browsing seem like the same operation to me. Twenty million
    lines of code in the os. Anything is possible. Maybe worth a shot




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