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    Default Xara Designer Pro 16 is locked up [HELP]

    I installed Xara Designer Pro 16 and everything functioned fine until I used JIXIPIX PLUGIN, then XARA locked up and it gave two options [shutdown or wait] now XARA remains locked up. I have reinstalled several times - each time my custom menus has to be set again. When I do restart the computer, Xara remains locked up. I am getting behind with my work. Does anyone have a suggestion of how I may unlock version 16 without reinstalling and having to set up my custom menus? I have reinstalled Designer Pro 12 and 15 they function properly with all plugins. In the past, when I installed a new version of it would retain the custom menu, version 16 will not.
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    Default Re: Xara Designer Pro 16 is locked up [HELP]

    I'm not at the computer right now and so can't lookup the key in the registry. Likely it is trying to open the crashed file upon starting. You could try to find the key in the registry and change it to zero. Or, look in the appdata folder for the temp file and delete it or move it to the desktop.

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    Default Re: Xara Designer Pro 16 is locked up [HELP]

    I had a similar system lockup a while ago. The way I got things working again was by opening the problem crashed file in an earlier version of the program. This gave some warnings which I ignored, and then saved, overwriting the file. This then allowed the program to complete opening. If you try this it might be worth making a backup copy of the file first.
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    Default Re: Xara Designer Pro 16 is locked up [HELP]

    as mike said:

    Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Xara\XtremePro x64\16\Options\Backups

    change [modify] value of


    to 0

    Click image for larger version. 

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    change it back to 1 afterwards

    try Jon's way first - since all versions have their own separate backup folders, it should stop it locking without needing to temp disable the restore

    ... or just delete relevent stuff in:

    C:\Users\gplbrit\AppData\Local\Xara\XtremePro\16\B ackups

    [or all of it if you don't need any of the backups]

    [again as mike said]
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