Yes, I don't like sharing with variants. Since I started with a main and mobile variance I found it easier to delete the mobile and start a new mobile from page layout options. Of course I maybe wrong since I'm new but it seems like it's stop sharing variances. I just hope when I publish they both go together. You see, when I first started this present website I selected the (R) from the content catalog which gave me a main and mobile but even though the text was the same when I first wrote it any changes to the text after saving would not update even though I had sharing with variances on. This is why I deleted the mobile and started over by selecting options, page size and then creating a new mobile. When I did this all the updates I made on the main site were automatically updated to the mobile. I just simply shrunk everything to the corner bars. I'll probably find a better way later and including your help but for now it stopped we from pulling the rest of my hair out.

Happy Easter!!!