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    Default Re: Which Windows do you use?

    I haven't read the guide, the above is the method I use when dealing with customers. The hardest part is working out how to boot from USB as every laptop likes to be different from the other. Installing is straight forward.

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    Default Re: Which Windows do you use?

    well straight forward is always based on past experience....

    but sure I do major windows updates this way - with laptops like the acer cloudbook, where you are stuck with only 32GB of non-upgradable hard-wired SSD, don't have a great deal of choice but to use USB method...

    usually laptop will have a key-press for the boot menu in my experience - may have to go into the BIOS/UEFI to tweak USB boot behaviour of course... usually the key-press for that is flagged on screen at startup - straight forward




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