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    I've been trying FB's 3D thingy out with mixed results - some have come out quite well, some are pretty wretched. It does seem like each case is a unique one. I don't use Omnivert, just make the depth map and adjust it by posting on FB using the "Only Me" settings. I post from desktop, not the phone, so I can keep working the depth map and seeing how it looks. And yes text is very difficult to get right!

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    There's also an app called DPTH, (which is free with a watermark on the images) that'll have a go at creating a depth map using AI. It's very much in development but it certainly does a fair job at guessing. I used it and then tweaked the depth map it produced in Xara. I used an image of Marilyn Munroe that I had previously colorised. It worked out fairly well. Here's link to it:


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    Quite a handy software it is..




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